The Ascent
The Great War

Omicron went through the mirrors first.

They didn’t make it out.

But the information they were able to relay back saved many lives. Siege squad went next, followed by Kappa and the primaries. Finally the support. When a man entered the mirrors, he was immediately assaulted by feelings of fatigue, feelings of being torn apart, evaporating. He fought through it. He protected his fellow soldiers. He died. So many died. Torvin fell. Hedric fell. Resiwent and Orik and even the mighty Grey Render fell, though it took three of the largest mirror Titans ever observed to finally bring him down.

By the time the primary squads had reached the courtyard of the Tower of Reflections, the army was halved, Kappa squad had broken, and the support squads had been torn apart. Garrison ordered a covered withdraw. The Primary Squads were alone.

Suddenly they heard a voice behind them. It was Crisalis, who had been left behind in the Temple of Reflections so long ago. She was faster, stronger, and far far more evil, but she was dispatched by the party, but not before wounding Makruuval. The party continued into the tower, splitting up into three groups: Theta, Gamma, and the rest.

The Approach
In which the army travels south...

The journey to the Eye of the World was largely uneventful, but there were a few short encounters with new kinds of Mirror creatures. A large quadruped capable of summoning more troops, dubbed a Brute, and a tall humanoid class capable of adapting to combat situations by reflecting attributes of it’s foes, dubbed a Scion.

The party held a brief and unsolicited council with Enoch at Oculus Strait and then scaled the cliffs of the Eye of the World. The battle was about to begin.

The Calm Before the Storm
In which the siege is planned...

Back in Nim, the party laid out the army. The formations were as follows:

Leading the operation would be Omicron Squad, the scouting squad, made up of the Spies of the Breezelands and Blunt the Mazkrul thief.
Following them was Sigma Squad, the siege squad. Led by Bill of Will and the Gray Render and made up of Knight Hedric, Resiwent and Orik, this was a powerful force. They tipped the spear of Kappa Squad, a protective regiment 30,000 strong which guarded the primary squads.

The primary squads were:
Alpha Squad- Knight Albanus, Wyrmslayer Eberstark, Knight Ornstein, and Atlas Thor
Rho Squad- Ballista Smough, Sunny, Dropkick Starcaster, and Alosius Faruk
Theta Squad- General Torvin and his team
Omega Squad- Makruuval, Barbus, and Battlefurnace Gavvy
Gamma Squad- Major General Garrison and his men

The army was followed by support squads to guard the primary squads from a rear assault.

With this plan, the last hope of Ieras set out to the Eye of the World to confront Enoch and the forces of Entropy.

The Wildunlands
In which the sea calls to them...

The Party travels east to the Wildunlands on the S.S. Wavehumper. When they arrived, they did not find the raging war they expected. Instead, the wildunlands was silent and foggy. After several dangerous encounters, they found themselves at the shore, where the forest met the sea. They were drawn into the water by the warmth and comfort and melodic sound. Little did they know, they were being drawn into the lair of the Morkoth, an evil undersea trickster.
When the party arrived in the lair of the Morkoth, they were overwhelmed by its thralls. All seemed hopeless as hero after hero fell to the brutal crushing onslaught while the Morkoth’s gargantuan form watched from above. Suddenly Barbus awoke in the real world. His death, and the brutal massacre, had all been an elaborate illusion. The real Morkoth was a skilled hypnotist, no larger than an average man. Barbus murdered the Morkoth, freeing his friends and those uneaten residents of the wildunlands from the spell. Topside, they met with Garrison and returned to Nim to plan their assault on the Plane of Reflections.

in which dragons!!

Upon arriving in Reme, the party is informed that a nest of Black Dragons has appeared nearby and the city is being assaulted daily by young dragons. They are holding their own, but it is bringing reconstruction and stabilization to a standstill ever since the mirror attack. The party masterfully repels a small assault of dragons with the employment of some clever illusions and brute force. When a second, much larger attack shows up, the party has some close calls but is again victorious. The party travels to a swamp where they find the nest. Little did the party know that most of the dragons were gone, mounting yet another attack on Reme, so their journey was easy. The party crushed all of the many dragon eggs and Atlas and Sunny proceeded into the main chamber.

Inside, they find an enormous treasure pile. When Atlas removes a particularly ancient sword, the owner of the den speaks up. A large black dragon enters the chamber and challenges Atlas to a one-on-one duel with the sword. Atlas dutifully accepts. The fight was short-lived, for Atlas had acquired the Holy Avenger! Immediately cancelling all of the Black Dragon’s evil spells, and dealing ferocious damage to the evil dragon, Atlas is victorious. With the dragon slain and the treasure appropriated to finance the army, the party successfully recruits the remaining forces of Reme. Reme is evacuated due to its greatly weakened state, and the citizens embark to Nim. The party makes haste to catch the last running barge to the Wildunlands.

In which an army is assembled...

When the party makes it to Nim, they meet Major Garrison Turk, the man in charge of the Nimish war effort. He informs them that the mirror creatures were difficult- but not impossible- to kill. He tells them of his plan to briefly unite all of the holds of the continent into a multi-nation army capable of assaulting the Plane of Reflections to put an end to this evil. The party divides their resources as such: Garrsion and his men will travel to Nalinus. An assembled party of heroes along with a company of soldiers will travel to the Red Desert. The three remaining members of the six along with a small group of support troops will travel north to Frostmarch. And lastly, the party, along with Ornstein and his men, will travel to the Wildunlands with a stop in Reme.

A Great Evil
In which the party travels to the Mirror Shrine...

The party is commissioned by King Remus to travel to the far southern jungles to investigate a hotbed of bad vibes. Evil is emanating from the jungle.
The party sets off, along with Ornstein and a large company of paladins, clerics, and fighters.
Upon reaching the source of the evil, the air is thin and the ties that hold matter together seem fragile. They enter a hole in the ground and begin crawling through a catacombs. Cryptic messages, hieroglyphics, walls lined with mirrors, and blood-activated doors mark their path. Shadowy figures walk hunched in the reflections. Finally the party enters a large room along with the Six, who are there coincidentally investigating the evil. In this room are members of a strange cult and a view of the surrounding area. The cult leader kneels and is beheaded by his second. Through the heavy yellow clouds outside comes a descending figure, a giant clawes monstrosity gargantuan in scale.( ) The cult members vanish, leaving only their reflections in the mirrors on the walls of the room. In their place are shadowed creatures. From the huge blood-spattered mirror in the center of the room comes an enormous shadowy creature. The party’s weapons prove largely ineffective. Atlas is grappled by the huge creature (and special things happen that are still secret). Ornstein is seized, and the energy that held him together as matter was ripped away, leaving nothing. Fleeing was clearly the only option. The party narrowly escaped the dungeon alive, and there were many casualties. The party used a limited wish to travel to a parallel dimension where Ornstein survived, but in this dimension Crisalis had been left in the Shrine. The party returned to civilization, avoiding ambushes from any and all reflective surfaces along the way, only to find that the great cities of the continent had already become all too aware of this new threat, the living embodiment of entropy.


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