The Calm Before the Storm

In which the siege is planned...

Back in Nim, the party laid out the army. The formations were as follows:

Leading the operation would be Omicron Squad, the scouting squad, made up of the Spies of the Breezelands and Blunt the Mazkrul thief.
Following them was Sigma Squad, the siege squad. Led by Bill of Will and the Gray Render and made up of Knight Hedric, Resiwent and Orik, this was a powerful force. They tipped the spear of Kappa Squad, a protective regiment 30,000 strong which guarded the primary squads.

The primary squads were:
Alpha Squad- Knight Albanus, Wyrmslayer Eberstark, Knight Ornstein, and Atlas Thor
Rho Squad- Ballista Smough, Sunny, Dropkick Starcaster, and Alosius Faruk
Theta Squad- General Torvin and his team
Omega Squad- Makruuval, Barbus, and Battlefurnace Gavvy
Gamma Squad- Major General Garrison and his men

The army was followed by support squads to guard the primary squads from a rear assault.

With this plan, the last hope of Ieras set out to the Eye of the World to confront Enoch and the forces of Entropy.


BlazeWright BlazeWright

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