The Great War

Omicron went through the mirrors first.

They didn’t make it out.

But the information they were able to relay back saved many lives. Siege squad went next, followed by Kappa and the primaries. Finally the support. When a man entered the mirrors, he was immediately assaulted by feelings of fatigue, feelings of being torn apart, evaporating. He fought through it. He protected his fellow soldiers. He died. So many died. Torvin fell. Hedric fell. Resiwent and Orik and even the mighty Grey Render fell, though it took three of the largest mirror Titans ever observed to finally bring him down.

By the time the primary squads had reached the courtyard of the Tower of Reflections, the army was halved, Kappa squad had broken, and the support squads had been torn apart. Garrison ordered a covered withdraw. The Primary Squads were alone.

Suddenly they heard a voice behind them. It was Crisalis, who had been left behind in the Temple of Reflections so long ago. She was faster, stronger, and far far more evil, but she was dispatched by the party, but not before wounding Makruuval. The party continued into the tower, splitting up into three groups: Theta, Gamma, and the rest.


BlazeWright BlazeWright

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