Atlas Thor

Atlas Thor is a Paladin-Expatriot. He journeys with a party of four and some smelly animals. His only true friend is his Malner buddy, Sunny, but the feeling is not mutual. Apparently Sunny prefers the company of Carter, his fat excuse for a wyrmrat


LVL: 7


STR: 18/57 – hit adj +2, dmg adj +3, Open Doors 1-4, Bend Bars 25%
INT: 12
WIS: 13
DEX: 15 Defense adj -1
CON: 14 System Shock 88%, resurrect survival 92%
CHR: 18 Max hench 15, loyalty base 4%, reaction adj 35%

HP: 57

Saving throws:
Poison/Paralyze – 13
Petrify/Polymorph – 14
Rod, Staff, Or wand – 15
Breath Weapon – 16
Spells – 16

Proficiencies – Long Sword 2 (careful attack), CQC 3
Skills – Poetry 2

Special Abilities
-2 to saving throws
lay on hands
cure disease
Turn undead
Detect Evil


At the young age of 5 or something, Atlas’s Paladin father was killed in battle. Atlas’s father’s Paladin status was inspiring; after his family relocated to Reme, he began to train as a knight. After much bravery and casual sex with higher ups he was inducted into the Paladin training program. At age 16 he left as an ex patriot to uphold the law somewhere else.

Atlas Thor

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