Dropkick Starcaster

Status: Alive


Dropkick Starcaster is a Nalinor wizard currently adventuring with Atlas Thor, Sunny, and Barbus. He is attempting to further his knowledge of the world to prove to himself and to others that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant- what matters are the lengths one is willing to go to for greatness.

Discovered by the rest of the party while filling in as a part-timer at a local blacksmith shop, Dropkick had been studying magic largely on his own, dreaming of a day when he could break away from the mundane confines of the city and become a great wizard. His first spell, Find Familiar, yielded him a ‘cat’ he named Fluffy, due to the fact that it is anything but fluffy. This, in a nutshell, explains his personality. He is sarcastic, snarky and often seems to possess a reckless self-confidence, which often places him in danger. His snarkiness is often misinterpreted by the party, which is fine by him. He prefers to remain aloof, but useful, with his full worthiness to be discovered later, possibly even after his own death. At this point in his young life, it is his greatest wish for his great deeds and skulduggery to be talked about around campfires for years to come. He sees himself as an expendable part of the universe and wants only to further the works he sees fit to further. This can result in his becoming a loose cannon at times, which can either be a huge benefit or possibly a detriment to the party. Although he would never knowingly place the party in mortal danger, he does not see himself held within these boundaries, and while this may seem to go against his chaotic nature, it is this exact chaos within himself which motivates him.

Dropkick met his demise defending the party against Bodak, an evil demon that had taken control of the catacombs beneath Mirkfen. He was able to cast a fireball to slow and critically wound Bodak, but was himself disintegrated in the process.

Dropkick was resurrected by the Cleric from nothing more than a toe, and is once more adventuring with the party, none the worse for wear, though considerably more friendly with the Chaotic Neutral god.

Dropkick Starcaster

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