In which some Law & Order shit goes down...

After some lollygagging, the party found itself in Meletharia, the city of wizards. A spell had been invented that summoned a young woman. There were many moral, ethical, and legal dilemmas with this. This post will be updated with a more in-depth analysis of the Catherine Problem.

Cat and Mouse
In which the party escapes the falling Tower...

The party had alerted the Render and fleed through an elevator. Barbus and Dropkick searched for ways to eventually rescue the captives and slaves of the tower while Atlas and Sunny searched for valuable items. With the sandstorm, the weakened tower, the fires, and the rampaging Render, the tower was bound to come down soon. After several extremely narrow escapes, the party got out of the tower just before it came crashing down. As it happens, the Grey Render had imprinted on the party, and would not harm them. Though the party was wary, it eventually served as a monolithic- albeit hungry- protector. The party allowed the captives to take refuge in Reme and set off to the North.

Double-Edged Sword
In which the party refuses to face the final challenge, and the triplets meet their demise.

The party had reached the end of the Gauntlet: a huge arena in which a fearsome foe waited to battle them. It was the Gray Render. Instead of fighting it, Dropkick put the thing to sleep. Edgar didn’t appreciate this, and used the power of three mages to channel magical power. He floated down into the arena to destroy the party himself. Just then, the three unaccounted-for spies showed up to neutralise the mages. Edgar’s power was gone. He angrily drew his gun and began advancing towards the party, but was stopped when Atlas threw his spear, pinning him to the ground. Barbus roared to awaken the Render, and Dropkick levitated Dwayne towards it, who was torn asunder. Chaos ensued as the crowd panicked and the Render knocked the spies into the arena. Dropkick levitated Ebert into the crowd, distracting the Render and leading him away on a rampage through the tower. Tobald slit the throat of Edgar and the party began looking for a way out. Barbus was suspicious and approached Edgar. Edgar was alive, holding the blood in with one hand, pointing a gun with the other. He conversed with Barbus and intended to stay alive. Barbus decided to risk it all and finish Edgar with a head stomp. When he raised his foot, Edgar fired. The gun misfired and blew a hole in his chest, which killed him. The party then ran through the portcullis and into the den of the Render.

The Gauntlet
In which Dropkick is revived, but things soon take a turn for the worse.
In the Belly of the Beast
In which the party reunites within the Tower of Dreams, and frees The Cleric.
The Settlements
In which the party picks up a new member, and begins to travel east to the Tower of Dreams, along with the spies, and are met with resistance.
The Knovak
In which Barbus becomes one with his inner power, and learns the ways of the Knovak.
Through the Desert
In which the party travels to the desert to find a way to revive Dropkick and a missing paladin, and find an exceptional Phororhacos as well.
Official At Last
In which Atlas Thor is inducted into the Paladins of Justifilliad
Some 'Splaining to Do
In which justice is served and the remaining party members return to Reme

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