Dropkick's Gambit
In which an evil is vanquished, but not before a beloved party member is lost

At last, the party came to the chamber housing the evil. They found many undead within, as well as a lake of blood and a horrible monster atop a throne of bones. A battle inevitably ensued after it was revealed that Sherriff Ringo had been luring adventurers into the catacombs in exchange for money and protection. The undead charged at the party, and Bodak’s fearsome gaze struck down Atlas Thor, who dropped his sword and fell with one arm in the lake of blood. He was dragged out of the chamber by Fluffy. Dropkick Starcaster volleyed an immense fireball at the tower of bone where the throne was, destroying and scattering the skeletons. Barbus and Sunny attempted to hold off the ghouls and ghosts that attacked them at the perimeter of the chamber while Dropkick purposefully strode forward, launching fireball after fireball. Bodak rose, descended from the throne and unsheathed an axe from his skin. With fireballs exploding upon him, he continued walking forward towards Dropkick, who was able to shield himself from the heat of the fire. Meanwhile, Barbus had become paralysed, and Fluffy defended him form a bloodthirsty ghoul. At last, with his power waning and the distance between he and Bodak shrinking to dangerous levels, Dropkick made a decision. Bodak, visibly injured, shocked, and angry raised his ax as Dropkick readied his final spell. Bodak struck, cleaving Dropkick nearly in two. Dropkick cast a fireball spell at the floor, and when the fire and smoke had cleared, all that remained was a dying Bodak and a small green toe with Dropkick’s Ring on it, which the party had assumed had been discarded after it was discovered that it was also a ring of alignment change. Sunny was able to strike down the Bodak with great vengeance and furious anger after a brief struggle. It was time to return to Mirkfen.

The Horrors Below
In which the party survives a blood-curdling adventure through the catacombs
The Catacombs of Mirkfen
In which the party prepares for the journey and encounters the Sheriff, a cleric and a strange wizard
The Task
In which the party travels to Mirkfen to eliminate an evil, and engages in Fight Day
To the Breezelands
In which The Party accompanies Knight Ornstein to see King Remus XVII
Dwarf Fortress
In which many hilarious truths are uncovered, and an ally is revealed.

The Party journeyed back to Nim on a dangerous quest to scout out a monastery after everyone was back to full strength. Upon arriving, they found a smoking mess and a lone thief who had been considering going inside to help. He told them that the monastery had been established by the Midjic Order, an ancient cult of ‘powerful’ ‘dwarven’ ‘monks.’ They battled/laughed their way through the monastery, saving as many midgets as they could. Upon arriving in the layer of the Sulfasaur that was responsible, the thief revealed himself to be Knight Ornstein of the Breezelands, on a quest to retrieve Atlas Thor to his country for his first real assignment. After some supply-acquiring, they were off.

The Road to Recovery
In which the remainder of the party overcomes impossible obstacles to revive their comrades and arrives in King's Mantle.

Atlas and Barbus laid around in the forest for days, too weak to do anything else, while Barbus hunted for food and water. The more they stayed, the more prominent it was that they were being watched and they were soon attacked by a small army of Faflings. After barely defeating them because the party was so weak, they continued on, soon arriving at Stronghold, where they were met by Captain Torvin, who told them that they were also fugitives from Stronghold. However, Torvin was still on their side so took Sunny’s body to watch over it. Carter was also returned to them by a mysterious diminutive creature hidden by shadow. The party was too weary to question it though, so they continued. They then arrived at a new stronghold, King’s Mantle, where they were met by an even larger army of Faflings. They escaped, and Dropkick, Atlas, and Barbus were hospitalized. Atlas and Barbus soon left, but Dropkick had to stay a while longer. Barbus then found a cleric who would be able to revive Sunny, but he needed two diamonds. After gambling and fighting Faflings for the two diamonds they could finally revive Sunny, but first they would need the Malner’s body. The two rushed to Stronghold, and narrowly saved Sunny from being cremated. Back at King’s Mantle, after a successful reviving and more hospital time, everyone was healthy, and they decided to celebrate, but their happiness was short lived, as when they got back to the inn, they found a note from Barbus that said he was tired of not relying on himself for his own survival and had gone off into the woods to kill something.

In the woods, Barbus stumbled upon a bandit encampment with 70 bandits that he could see. He was filled with rage, as these could be the same bandits that destroyed his village. He decided to sneak around to find a better way in, but was intercepted by a smaller group that tied him up and brought him before the rest of the bandits. He was then forced into an arena-like situation, where he killed 17 wolves with his feet and 6 bandits once free. However, he knew he was about to die, so to save Sparky, he threw him outside of the ring of bandits and into the woods, then he was knocked unconscious. He awoke in a cage, where he was injected by syringes and everything went black.

The party came upon the same settlement and saw Barbus tied up. Dropkick distracted the bandits by making their fire grow bigger while the unseen servant untied Barbus. The party called him over, but realized too late that he was not in control of his actions. He knocked out Sunny, but was finally defeated and was brought to the hospital. Sparky was soon returned. Now healed up again, with everyone together and a new determination, the party set off for a distant monastery.

Uropygus' Hive
In which shit hits the fan.

After the fight, the party furiously tracked down The Six, finding a dead Drove surrounded by candles along the way. They finally found The Six, crouched down, hiding from the queen whip-scorpion, Uropygus. The two parties decided to work together to stop her, creating a plan of attack. When they reached a consensus. They attacked, creating a wall of fire and charging, while Dropkick stayed behind the wall to cast spells. Their plan began to fail as Atlas was smacked clear across the room and through the wall of fire where he died on the ground. As if things weren’t bad enough, Chrysalis, enraged at Barbus for killing the one she loved attacked him, having to be held down by Smough, taking out two more fighters. Then, a smaller bug charged through the flames killing Dropkick and setting him on fire. The paladin received a blessing from his gods which gave him enough strength to put out Dropkick and heal him, before collapsing again. Meanwhile, the remaining fighters attacked Uropygus. While they all helped, in the end it was Fluffy who killed the queen by jumping into her mouth and destroying her from the inside, but not before she killed Battlefurnace Groll. The two parties thought they were done, until Groll rose from the floor now controlled by the bugs. He set himself on fire and charged killing Sunny and knocking out Eberstark. In the end it was up to Smough and Barbus to take Groll down. However, Smough couldn’t bring himself to take out his friend, so Barbus snatched the Chitus from the air and slammed him into the ground, ending the battle. The Six gathered up their fallen, Eberstark setting the now completely dead Groll on fire, and told Barbus to give them time before they followed. Then, with Atlas on one shoulder, Sunny on the other, and Fluffy carrying Dropkick, Barbus left the mine. When he got to the entrance, he found a strange substance smeared on the wall, with a note that said “spark”. He did just that, and the entrance to the mine exploded, sealing whatever bugs were left inside and awakening Atlas. Fugitives from Nim, the remaining party set off, but this time not hoping for adventure. All they wanted was sleep, and their friends back.

Under the Hill
In which the party is confronted with horrors beyond imagining, loses a mount (and its rider) and faces six fearsome foes.

The party entered into what once was a beautiful cavern system, but was now a nightmare. The bugs were everywhere, the clicking nonstop, and the miners were all dead and reanimated attacking with pick axes or bare hands. It was a hard journey, with poisonous enemies and larger bugs. When going deeper, Sandy got scared and ran off, Sunny started chasing her in an effort to get her back. He chased her all the way back to Nim where they were captured. Both Carter and Sandy were taken away, along with every item the Malner had. He was jailed, discovering that a lot of Nim’s soldiers had died going after the party. Sunny escaped, but was unable to retrieve anything, including Carter and Sandy who were left up to an unknown fate. He rejoined the party, and they pressed on, until they came upon The Six who had set up a campfire. They were about to confess about their involvement in the outbreak, when Dropkick suggested that they eavesdrop instead. They learned that Council’s Blade Crisalis intended to kill the party, because if word got out that The Six had gotten help, then their titles would never be restored. After pressing on, the two groups finally met. When trying to talk, Crisalis stabbed Sunny in the back, wounding him. This started a battle. In the confusion, Barbus noticed Shadow Drove begin to cast a spell. Attempting to stop him, Barbus smacked him against a wall, killing him. Crisalis began to cry, and The Six fled, but not before Knight Albanus hesitantly revitalized Sunny.

In which the party narrowly avoided the long arm of the law and set out to exterminate some insects.

The party only discovered their mistake when they returned to Nim, which was full of screams and fire. When they entered, they discovered the streets covered with the dead. However they also found a man floating above the ground with bugs all over him. It was here that they discovered the bug’s ability to crawl inside and command a body, and also that they could only be killed by fire. The party rushed to a giant tower for refuge, where they discovered The Six being stripped of rank because they had failed to stop the insect menace. However, they were sent to the mines in order to try again to stop it, so that they would regain their titles. The party was told not to go into the mines, but directly disobeyed and ran to there anyway. Now fugitives from Nim, the party ran into the mine in search of The Six in order to explain the cause of the insects. Little did they know…they were being followed.


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