The Cleansing
In which the cellar of a tavern was filled with rats, and then briefly with justice, and then no more rats.

Two people, both in the market for some armor in order to dish out justice in their own respective ways, met in a tavern south of Stronghold. These people were Atlas Thor and Sunny. They were offered gold in exchange for an extermination job in the tavern’s wormrat-infested cellar. They heartily accepted, and slew the wormrats, burning the wormrat king with flaming oil. After that, they collected a small litter of baby wormrats, along with their gold reward. They then went north to Stronghold to see what they could see.

Entering Stronghold
In which the party was bolstered with two new members and a clear goal was set in place.

Sunny and Atlas Thor decided to look for armour in the northern settlement known only as Stronghold. The Confederacy of Nim was a small country, and in the process of expanding. This settlement, however, was experiencing trouble with raiders from the north. When they arrived, they found a grisly site. There had been a savage attack, and two people were dead from it. They bought some decent armour and set about looking for ways to assist the village. They spoke to the generals in charge of Stronghold: Torvin and Rikezzi. They were told about the bandit trouble, and how violent the attacks had been. They decided to go north into the forest to stop the bandits, but not before dealing with a lone bandit’s attack on the tavern. He had taken a hostage and wounded an official, but was quickly and awesomely dispatched by the party. There were no casualties. The party joined forces with Gavy and Dropkick Starcaster, both part-time employees of Edwin the blacksmith (who was none too happy about losing his help), and then set off to do good.

What Lay Within the Forest
In which another one joined the party and the Mazkrul compound was discovered.

As the four adventurers set out into their first journey, they ran into a wandering Mazkrul. They attempted to sneak past but they were noticed. After a conversation/argument they found out that his name was Barbus and they allowed him to come along. Along the way, Barbus felt too bored, so roared at Gavy in a show of strength. He was immediately put to sleep courtesy of Dropkick Starcaster and when he awoke they had a long talk about his past. The group continued, eventually settling down for the night. During that time, Dropkick sent Fluffy out into the woods to scout where she was attacked by a Mazkrul. The group rushed to her aid only to have the beast turn on them. Barbus dashed into the woods leaving the party to fight it themselves. However, in a surprise attack, Barbus rushed it from the side, smashing its head and killing it. The party gave Dropkick some hair from the beast and he and Fluffy went back to Stronghold. The party then suffered a tradgedy as Sunny discovered that Nova, one of his worm-rats had passed. After a touching funeral, and an encounter with some bandits, the party found themselves in a clearing.

Through the Labyrinth
In which the party narrowly avoided death, found some good scrimshaw, and parleyed with Maakruval.

In the clearing on top of a hill, the party saw a lone Mazkrul spreading rice at his feet. When they attempted to parlay, the beast only spoke to Barbus in his own language. He said that they had entered a place that they didn’t belong and went to attack. Barbus pinned the creature to the ground and tried hard to get information out of him, only being more confused when the Mazkrul declared that Barbus did not know what it was like to be a Mazkrul. He was knocked unconscious, the party happy that the crisis had been averted, or so they thought…before Barbus roared in an attempt to learn more. All this did was cause a horde of Mazkrul to see the fallen body of their comrade. The party escaped up the hill that the beast had come from, but not before becoming lightheaded as they walked through the grass. They then jumped into a labyrinth of trenches.

Meanwhile, Dropkick returned to stronghold only to be told by Rikezzi that the party was not to return until they had stopped the bandit menace. Dropkick replied that they would do it whenever they wanted, then left to rejoin the party who were at the moment fighting for their lives against the Mazkrul who were halting their progress, picking up dropped scrimshaw on the way. After lots of fighting and reuniting with Dropkick, the party noticed that Gavy had run off in the direction of the main base of Mazkrul operations. The party was escorted there as well, where they found several dead Mazkrul, Gavy locked in a cage missing 3 legs, and an enormous Mazkrul sitting on a throne named Makruval, the leader of this settlement. After parlaying, the party got Gavy back and learned of Rikezzi’s true intentions.

In which the party was betrayed by a trusted ally.

Makruval informed the party that Rikezzi had been sending soldiers to kill him, except the soldiers believed that what they were going for was to eradicate a bandit stronghold. The party was outraged when they realized that Rikezzi had duped them as well. After negotiations, Makruval joined the party in their return to stronghold, as he wanted to destroy the settlement himself. However, when the doors opened, instead of the trenches and grassy hills that the party had traveled through, there was now a swamp. Atlas Thor and Sunny didn’t believe this for a second and discovered that this was an illusion. While Atlas and Sunny walked through the trenches, everyone else still saw the swamp and had to adjust accordingly. Nonetheless, everyone made it through where the illusion disappeared and a book was found on the ground. When Dropkick began to read, the party was thrust into Rikezzi’s memory, and discovered why he had done what he did. In a Mazkrul attack on his town, all that he loved was destroyed. From that point on, he had an immense hatred for all Mazkrul, so he sent out soldiers to attack random Mazkrul. The party then had a new plan, to negotiate with Rikezzi and Makruval instead of just killing him. Little did they know, Makruval’s plan hadn’t wavered.

Holding Stronghold
In which Stronghold was defended, the traitor was neutralized, and the party was commended for their heroism.

The party and Makruval arrived at Stronghold to discover an army of Mazkrul ready to take it apart. Makruval agreed to tell his soldiers to wait while Atlas, Sunny, the worm-rats (now able to walk except for Carter), Dropkick, and Fluffy went to confront Rikezzi, while Barbus stayed behind with Makruval. Inside the stronghold, the party sans Barbus found Rikezzi, and tried to negotiate like their original plan, which was halted by the fact that Rikezzi lashed out. The party fought back against his illusions, during which Sunny and Torvin were grievously injured. Rikezzi met his demise when he was burned alive, sharing the worm-rat king’s fate. The party returned to discover several Mazkrul breaking rank and rushing Stronghold despite Makruval’s orders. Barbus, Makruval, and Dropkick set about stopping the warriors, while Atlas tended to Sunny and Torvin. They were ordered not to kill them. Makruval and Barbus went for the direct route, tackling a few of the beasts, while Dropkick put several to sleep. Unfortunately, Barbus did not realize his own strength and killed one. The crisis averted, Makruval took the mutinous soldiers back with him to be “dealt with.” The party was left with a long day of negotiating.

The Road to Nim
In which the party journeyed to the capital city in search of wrongs to right.

After successful negotiations, the party was rewarded by a big ceremony where everyone received medals and money, money that they used to buy Gavy a small mansion since he couldn’t join them on their next adventure because of his missing legs. Torvin took Rikezzi’s place as captain. The party was now content with their handiwork, and set out for their next destination, Nim. Along the way they encountered a drunken Mazkrul, who passed out. Sunny decided to bury him to his waist for some reason, and the party continued. Once entering the new stronghold, Sunny had to give up his worm-rats, and set them free into the wild. However, Carter refused to leave, so was taken with Sunny to continue adventuring. Once inside the stronghold, two new members joined the party. Sunny received Sandy, a Malner Mole, while Barbus got Sparky, his very own spear hound. Suddenly the party heard sounds of commotion coming from the center of town. They followed the surging crowd to discover a mysterious group who protected the stronghold called The Six, and watched them execute a baby dragon.

Mining All Day
In which the party tried their hand at mining, to disastrous results.

After the execution, the party saw another large crowd that was headed for the mines. They then encountered a miner who had missed the transport to the mines, and was scared to walk because of the creatures hiding in the woods. The party escorted him to his workplace where they were rewarded with a tour of the mines and free lunch at the end. However when headed in the direction of the food they were stopped by two miners who had missed their lunch break and begged the party to mine for them while they ate. While mining they accidently hit a rock which caused an avalanche behind the wall to fall down. A single insect crawled out which Barbus grabbed to get a closer look. It hissed and flew away. The party wanted to investigate more, but just then the miners returned. The party happily ate their lunch and left, unaware of the horrors they had just unleashed.

In which the party narrowly avoided the long arm of the law and set out to exterminate some insects.

The party only discovered their mistake when they returned to Nim, which was full of screams and fire. When they entered, they discovered the streets covered with the dead. However they also found a man floating above the ground with bugs all over him. It was here that they discovered the bug’s ability to crawl inside and command a body, and also that they could only be killed by fire. The party rushed to a giant tower for refuge, where they discovered The Six being stripped of rank because they had failed to stop the insect menace. However, they were sent to the mines in order to try again to stop it, so that they would regain their titles. The party was told not to go into the mines, but directly disobeyed and ran to there anyway. Now fugitives from Nim, the party ran into the mine in search of The Six in order to explain the cause of the insects. Little did they know…they were being followed.

Under the Hill
In which the party is confronted with horrors beyond imagining, loses a mount (and its rider) and faces six fearsome foes.

The party entered into what once was a beautiful cavern system, but was now a nightmare. The bugs were everywhere, the clicking nonstop, and the miners were all dead and reanimated attacking with pick axes or bare hands. It was a hard journey, with poisonous enemies and larger bugs. When going deeper, Sandy got scared and ran off, Sunny started chasing her in an effort to get her back. He chased her all the way back to Nim where they were captured. Both Carter and Sandy were taken away, along with every item the Malner had. He was jailed, discovering that a lot of Nim’s soldiers had died going after the party. Sunny escaped, but was unable to retrieve anything, including Carter and Sandy who were left up to an unknown fate. He rejoined the party, and they pressed on, until they came upon The Six who had set up a campfire. They were about to confess about their involvement in the outbreak, when Dropkick suggested that they eavesdrop instead. They learned that Council’s Blade Crisalis intended to kill the party, because if word got out that The Six had gotten help, then their titles would never be restored. After pressing on, the two groups finally met. When trying to talk, Crisalis stabbed Sunny in the back, wounding him. This started a battle. In the confusion, Barbus noticed Shadow Drove begin to cast a spell. Attempting to stop him, Barbus smacked him against a wall, killing him. Crisalis began to cry, and The Six fled, but not before Knight Albanus hesitantly revitalized Sunny.


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