Welcome to Ieras!

In another time and another place, there was a fertile planet, home to all manner of flora and fauna, and some creatures that blurred the line between the two. Where the sunsets were beautiful, as the yellow orb of Sol hung lazily above the sky with two moons twinkling above it. Where most evils were easily quelled by the righteous forces that protected the world. But lately, it seems that more and more evils have been showing their ugly faces. From unrest in the savage eastern nomadic tribes, to a great insect plague, to disturbances in crypts that cause the dead to walk again. Who will attempt to stand before these evils, and whatever brings them forth, to call themselves heroes and lay their lives on the line so that others may live on?

Hopefully someone cool.

The Current State of Things:

Atlas, Sunny, Tobald, Barbus and the spies have completed The Gauntlet, a punishing trial that forced them to face their own psyches and discover their own flaws. Upon reaching the final room, an enormous arena, they were tasked with fighting an enormous Gray Render. Instead, they made it eat Dwayne, Ebert, and most of the crowd after the spies had removed Edgar’s magical abilities by knocking out his mages. Edgar was wounded by Atlas’ spear, and was killed by a misfire while attempting to kill Barbus. The party has split up to find useful items, a way to free Ornstein, and a way to destroy the tower, and to fuck bitches. The Gray Render is somewhere in the tower as well. The groups are:
Barbus and Dropkick
E and the spies
Atlas, Sunny, Tobald and Ornstein


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