A Great Evil

In which the party travels to the Mirror Shrine...

The party is commissioned by King Remus to travel to the far southern jungles to investigate a hotbed of bad vibes. Evil is emanating from the jungle.
The party sets off, along with Ornstein and a large company of paladins, clerics, and fighters.
Upon reaching the source of the evil, the air is thin and the ties that hold matter together seem fragile. They enter a hole in the ground and begin crawling through a catacombs. Cryptic messages, hieroglyphics, walls lined with mirrors, and blood-activated doors mark their path. Shadowy figures walk hunched in the reflections. Finally the party enters a large room along with the Six, who are there coincidentally investigating the evil. In this room are members of a strange cult and a view of the surrounding area. The cult leader kneels and is beheaded by his second. Through the heavy yellow clouds outside comes a descending figure, a giant clawes monstrosity gargantuan in scale.( ) The cult members vanish, leaving only their reflections in the mirrors on the walls of the room. In their place are shadowed creatures. From the huge blood-spattered mirror in the center of the room comes an enormous shadowy creature. The party’s weapons prove largely ineffective. Atlas is grappled by the huge creature (and special things happen that are still secret). Ornstein is seized, and the energy that held him together as matter was ripped away, leaving nothing. Fleeing was clearly the only option. The party narrowly escaped the dungeon alive, and there were many casualties. The party used a limited wish to travel to a parallel dimension where Ornstein survived, but in this dimension Crisalis had been left in the Shrine. The party returned to civilization, avoiding ambushes from any and all reflective surfaces along the way, only to find that the great cities of the continent had already become all too aware of this new threat, the living embodiment of entropy.


BlazeWright BlazeWright

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