in which dragons!!

Upon arriving in Reme, the party is informed that a nest of Black Dragons has appeared nearby and the city is being assaulted daily by young dragons. They are holding their own, but it is bringing reconstruction and stabilization to a standstill ever since the mirror attack. The party masterfully repels a small assault of dragons with the employment of some clever illusions and brute force. When a second, much larger attack shows up, the party has some close calls but is again victorious. The party travels to a swamp where they find the nest. Little did the party know that most of the dragons were gone, mounting yet another attack on Reme, so their journey was easy. The party crushed all of the many dragon eggs and Atlas and Sunny proceeded into the main chamber.

Inside, they find an enormous treasure pile. When Atlas removes a particularly ancient sword, the owner of the den speaks up. A large black dragon enters the chamber and challenges Atlas to a one-on-one duel with the sword. Atlas dutifully accepts. The fight was short-lived, for Atlas had acquired the Holy Avenger! Immediately cancelling all of the Black Dragon’s evil spells, and dealing ferocious damage to the evil dragon, Atlas is victorious. With the dragon slain and the treasure appropriated to finance the army, the party successfully recruits the remaining forces of Reme. Reme is evacuated due to its greatly weakened state, and the citizens embark to Nim. The party makes haste to catch the last running barge to the Wildunlands.


BlazeWright BlazeWright

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