The Wildunlands

In which the sea calls to them...

The Party travels east to the Wildunlands on the S.S. Wavehumper. When they arrived, they did not find the raging war they expected. Instead, the wildunlands was silent and foggy. After several dangerous encounters, they found themselves at the shore, where the forest met the sea. They were drawn into the water by the warmth and comfort and melodic sound. Little did they know, they were being drawn into the lair of the Morkoth, an evil undersea trickster.
When the party arrived in the lair of the Morkoth, they were overwhelmed by its thralls. All seemed hopeless as hero after hero fell to the brutal crushing onslaught while the Morkoth’s gargantuan form watched from above. Suddenly Barbus awoke in the real world. His death, and the brutal massacre, had all been an elaborate illusion. The real Morkoth was a skilled hypnotist, no larger than an average man. Barbus murdered the Morkoth, freeing his friends and those uneaten residents of the wildunlands from the spell. Topside, they met with Garrison and returned to Nim to plan their assault on the Plane of Reflections.


BlazeWright BlazeWright

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